Grant Thornton Czech Republic a.s., tax ID (IČ) 08168733, residing at Muchova 240/6, 160 00 Praha 6 Dejvice (hereinafter “Grant Thornton” or “the company”) processes personal data of clients and other natural persons. Grant Thornton Czech Republic a.s. resides in the Czech Republic.

In case of processing payroll and accounting, Grant Thornton performs the role of the Processor and acts upon instructions from the clients (Controller) or as the Controller in case of audit, tax or other consulting, and as Controller (in internal matters of Grant Thornton).

Lawfulness of processing and the purposes of personal data processing at Grant Thornton

Grant Thornton provides consulting to legal entities and natural persons in the area of payroll processing, accounting and tax consulting.
The purposes of processing – overview of the main ones:

  • account keeping for a client,
  • payroll agenda processing for a client,
  • preparing a tax statement:
    • based on complex and detailed instructions from the client,
    • based on general instructions from the client.
  • provision of other tax consulting,
  • identification of clients according to act no. 253/2008, on some arrangements against legalisation of proceeds from criminal activity and financing of terrorism (Anti-Money Laundering - AML),
  • keeping the company's own accounts and tax records, records management.

Lawfulness of processing

  • is established by Legitimate Interest in processing personal data of the respective data subjects (employees, workers and other persons), duty to protect the interests of natural persons on the side of the Client (employer),
  • is established based on contractual obligations ensuing from the contracts made – processing of personal data of the Clients and their data subjects for specific purposes (for example complying with legal obligations to authorities of the Czech Republic and the EU),
  • is established by consent of employees, workers and other persons from the Clients (Controller), who have granted their consent with the processing of personal data for other purposes. And Fučík & partneři performs it based on authorisation for the given purpose.

Personal data processed

  • All personal data about natural persons retained by the Client (Controller of Personal Data), that is about employees, workers and other persons, are transferred for the purpose of obligatory reporting to authorities of the Czech Republic and the EU, so that the Client (employer) would have complied with his legal obligation.
  • Personal data of natural persons from clients, to fulfil an obligation established by the activities specified in a contract made (or to take steps at the request of the data subject prior to entering into a contract).
  • Company name, tax identification number (IČ), authorised person and contact data of the natural person or legal entity (Client).
  • In addition to the above, such personal data, to the processing of which the respective data subject provably grants consent.

Processing of special categories of personal data

The company does not process personal data of special categories (the so-called sensitive data), that is data revealing racial or ethnic origin, political opinions, religious or philosophical beliefs, or trade union membership, and the processing of genetic data, biometric data for the purpose of uniquely identifying a natural person, data concerning health, sex life or sexual orientation.

To whom are personal data transferred

Access to your personal data is limited to persons, who need these data and are bound by contract to process them according to instructions from Grant Thornton. These are specific persons from a specific department, which actually deals with performing the service. All employees at Grant Thornton have access to contact personal data of a Legal Entity (name, telephone, email address).

The company has complex and binding internal guidelines with incorporated principles of personal data protection. Personal data are only presented to third parties bound by written contract, which have implemented a corresponding level of protection.

Your personal data are transferred to third parties only if:

  • such a third party provides the functioning, maintenance or support of systems (for example provision of information technologies and other services of administrative support for operation, such as Operators (of a part) of the information system for the personal data controller, external network administrator, data repository - cloud provider or provider of an internal server station etc.) for Fučík & partneři based on a contract. Such personal are sworn to secrecy and have implemented measures necessary for fulfilment of the conditions ensuing from the General Regulation.
  • you have explicitly requested it,
  • based on a request from a court of justice or another authority, if it is our legal duty to provide the information.

Grant Thornton will not transfer your personal data to third parties, unless it has your consent to do so or unless it is a legal duty of the company to do so.

No transfer and processing of personal data of the Clients and their subject occurs, beyond the above specified purposes of processing.

Grant Thornton does not use or transfer personal data of its Clients for any form of marketing, etc. 

Transfers of personal data to other countries

The company does not transfer personal data to third countries (as defined in REGULATION OF THE EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT AND COUNCIL (EU) 2016/679 of 27 April 2016)

Retaining of Personal Data

Personal data, which have not been used actively for a period of 5 years, are deleted from our internal system. Unless another legal ground exists for their subsequent processing.

The period for processing and retaining personal data is mainly based on legal obligations of the clients, where the period is stipulated by the respective laws and statutory periods.

In case of legitimate interests or granted consent, protection of vital interests, in case of performance connected to the signing of a contract (or related arrangements), personal data are processed and retained for a necessary period given by their purpose.

Security of personal data

The company has adopted technical and organizational measures for protection and security of personal data, which protect these data from loss, misuse or unauthorised access. All employees as well as third parties, which process your personal data for the company, are obliged to respect confidentiality of personal data.

Management of personal data

You are entitled to request from us the details of the personal data, which Grant Thornton retains about you.

If you wish to verify, whether or not Grant Thornton processes your personal data, or you will want access to your personal data in our internal system, please turn to the representative of Grant Thornton that you generally cooperate with or contact us at the email address of the data protection officer at

Rectification, deletion, restriction of processing or portability of data

A natural person has a right to its personal data being accurate and up to date. Therefore it has a right to rectification of its personal data, their deletion or restriction of processing. If you an interested in a list and subsequent transfer of data, please turn to the representative you generally cooperate with or contact us by email at A change can also be carried out using the Internet links mentioned in the footer of the sent messages.


In case you have any worries about a possible infringement of the act on personal data protection or related regulations, please turn to the representative of Grant Thornton you generally cooperate with or to the body at Grant Thornton in charge of personal data protection (the DPO at Grant Thornton) at: The data protection officer at Grant Thornton will handle your complaint and will inform you about the measures adopted.

If you are not satisfied with how Grant Thornton has resolved your complaint, you can turn to the respective Office for Personal Data Protection in your country as well as a local court of justice.

Contact us

If you have any questions or comments, please turn to the representative of Grant Thornton that you generally cooperate with, or contact us by email at