Tax administration simplifies the registration of foreign individuals in the my taxes portal

28. June 2022

Users, who hold access data to a box or guaranteed identity (NIA) access credentials and have not been able to use the DIS+ tax information box service because they are not registered in the Population Register, will now be able to access DIS+ without having to visit the tax office in person. The tax administration will now allow these users to apply for activation of a user account via a one-page electronic form.

This new function of the portal will thus significantly increase accessibility of the DIS+, especially for foreigners.

These users will now be offered a request to activate their user account. In the application (available in the DIS+ login step), the user will enter data of a similar scope as in the request to the Financial Administration to be granted access data, and possibly additional data enabling his sufficient identification. On the basis of this request, the Financial Administration activates either the Financial Administration access data (for data box holders) or the NIA user account (for users with a guaranteed identity). The applicant will be informed about the activation by e-mail or SMS. Subsequently, these users will also be able to log into DIS+ via the My Taxes portal and use all of its services in the standard way.

The additional service of “Viewing” will remain available on the My Taxes portal for its users for the announced transitional period – until the end of November 2022 at the latest.

Author: Jaroslava Půtová

Author: Jaroslava Půtová