Prolongation of the “isolation contribution” is being discussed

20. April 2021
  • Grant Thornton Czech Republic

The “isolation contribution”, that is an extraordinary contribution for employees, on whom quarantine has been imposed, may, according to a decision of the government, continue until the middle of this year. The contribution now habitually called the “isolation contribution” started to be paid from the beginning of this March. The “isolation contribution” is intended to contribute to people in quarantine staying at home, thus avoiding the risk of further spreading of the epidemic. Despite the positive trend in the development of quarantine, it is necessary to continue to provide this contribution even after the end of April, according to the Czech Social Security Administration. This is because given the gradual loosening of restrictions, the number of contacts between citizens outside the family and the work environment will increase. After it has been approved by the government, the proposal for prolongation of the isolation contribution until 30 June will come to the Chamber of Deputies with a request for speedy discussion. If the MPs approve the proposal, the Social Security Administration expects that the prolongation of the validity of the act by another two months will require costs of CZK 300m from the state budget.

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Author: Grant Thornton Czech Republic