O.D.P.A.D. (waste) – Optiming. Digitalisation. Processes. Analysis. Direction (recommendations) – our new waste management service

10. January 2022
  • Grant Thornton Czech Republic

The year 2021 was one of the key years that influenced the future direction of waste management in the Czech Republic. With the issuing of the new Waste Act 541/2021 Coll., the issuing of the strategic framework for circular economy “Circular Czech Republic 2040” and, last but not least, the adoption of the “FIT for 55” package for the complete decarbonisation of the Czech Republic in 2050, we have become one of the countries that are not indifferent to the future of the planet.  With the adoption of these key documents, together with the reduction of production in some industries due to the situation around Covid-19, waste management is becoming important both in terms of cost reduction opportunities and corporate image, i.e. environmentally friendly behaviour.

Grant Thornton is aware of this and presents the O.D.P.A.D. (waste) product for waste management.

What can we envision under this abbreviation?

It is detailed monitoring of the entire waste management at a company. Conversion of invoices into e-form, preparation of reporting Dash Board using Business Intelligence, optimisation of waste containers, prices and last but not least revision of contracts. The client receives a comprehensive overview of the costs incurred for the individual types of waste. We will also provide recommendations and remedy any deviations from the applicable legislation.

Our first moves…

As part of the analysis, we will visit the client’s production facilities and familiarise ourselves with production processes and procedures that generate waste. We will get acquainted with the different types of waste, their classification and management. We will analyse all this and prepare an overview report on the state of waste management. We allocate all associated waste costs to units of tonnes of individual waste, giving the client a comprehensive overview of the costs incurred. The report also includes a rendered legislative framework where we highlight any legislative shortcomings.

The customer receives a comprehensive report on potential areas of savings in waste management and identified legislative risks.


Once we have agreed on the areas of savings with the customer, we will start implementing the measures that will lead to savings, from which our remuneration (Success Fee) is then calculated. In practice, this means finding alternative options for waste disposal, optimising the system of collection containers and transport. We will prepare a tender and together with the client we will select the most suitable provider of services. We will set up reports and control mechanisms.

The client will receive management tools to monitor the waste balance and related costs.

If you are interested in this service, please, do not hesitate to turn to us.

Petr Branda
Manager | Advisory
T (mobile) +420 724 607 548
E petr.branda@cz.gt.com

Author: Grant Thornton Czech Republic