Mistakes in flat-rate tax prepayments

20. April 2021
  • Grant Thornton Czech Republic

We would like to remind you that the deadline for paying another flat-rate tax prepayment, in effect since the beginning of this year, is approaching. The Financial Administration has registered various mistakes in connection to the flat-rate prepayments and published them on its website. They mainly include the following:

  • failure to pay the regular monthly prepayments by the 20th day of the given month;
  • an incorrect due date for the first instalment - flat-rate tax prepayments for January and February 2021 were due by 22 February 2021, but some people only paid the first monthly instalment;
  • incorrect payment of the pension insurance prepayments to the respective local Social Security Administration and health insurance prepayments to the health insurance company – everything needs to be paid to the financial office, otherwise debt incurs;
  • payments to an incorrect tax prefix - flat-rate tax prepayments need to be sent to the bank account of the respective local financial office with the prefix 2866, the variable symbol for natural persons is their birth registration number;
  • taxpayers, who submitted an announcement of entering in the flat-rate tax regime, erroneously expected a written document from the financial office approving their entrance into flat-rate tax;

You can find more detailed information here.

Author: Grant Thornton Czech Republic