Guide for expectant parents

16. November 2021
  • Roman Burnus
  • Jana Brhlová

The Czech Social Security Administration (ČSSZ) and the Czech Labour Office (ÚP ČR) have updated the Guide for Expectant Parents. The guide is intended to help expectant parents navigate the system of paid benefits better. The aim is to have all the information in one place and avoid misunderstandings.

The guide defines basic concepts, explains in simple terms who is entitled to benefits and under what conditions, how to apply for these benefits and to which authorities. The guide was created with parents who stay at home with their children in mind, as well as working parents, business people and students, and even foreigners can find information here.

The purpose of the benefits is to support parents financially when they are unable to work and have to focus all their energy on their children. Maternity assistance, paternity assistance and compensatory allowance during pregnancy and motherhood are paid by ČSSZ. Parental allowance is a state social support benefit paid by the Labour Office of the Czech Republic.

Maternity assistance

The parent who stays at home with the child can receive maternity assistance. 

Mothers can start drawing down this benefit no earlier than 8-6 weeks before the expected date of delivery. Maternity assistance can be used for a maximum of 28 weeks; if the mother has 2 or more children, it can be paid for up to 37 weeks.

Maternity assistance is a sickness insurance benefit. It is possible to draw down maternity leave if the parent is insured with sickness insurance and at the same time has participated in sickness insurance for at least 270 days in the last 2 years before taking up maternity leave, or if the parent takes up the maternity leave at least within the protection period, which can be up to 180 days after the end of sickness insurance.

The amount of maternity assistance is 70% of the reduced daily assessment base per calendar day. The daily assessment base is based on the income for the last 12 calendar months before the month of entitlement.

Paternal postnatal care

The purpose of the paternity postnatal care is to help the mother care for the child. Fathers can spend a total of 7 calendar days with their new-born. From 1 January 2022, this period will be extended to 2 weeks.

The amount of the paternal postnatal care allowance is 70% of the reduced daily assessment base per calendar day. The basic condition is that the father is recorded on the child's birth certificate. It is also necessary for the father to be covered by sickness insurance.

Pregnancy and maternity compensatory benefit

This benefit is granted to women who are transferred to another job due to pregnancy or maternity (up to the 9th month after childbirth) and whose creditable income has fallen as a result of the transfer.

The transfer was due to the prohibition of work for pregnant women or, according to the attending physician, endangering the woman's pregnancy. Women who are transferred to another job by the end of the ninth month after giving birth are also protected. Female employees who are breastfeeding and are therefore transferred to another job are also protected.

Parental allowance

Parental allowance can be paid to a parent, mother or father, who is not entitled to maternity assistance. If he/she receives maternity assistance, it is possible to draw parental allowance after the maternity assistance has been exhausted. To qualify for parental allowance, a parent must provide full-time and due care for the youngest child in the family, but may place their child in a pre-school facility for up to 92 hours a month.

Parental allowance is a state social support benefit. Everyone is entitled to parental leave and parental allowance. Parental allowance can be drawn up to a total of CZK 300 000, up to the age of 4 years of the youngest member of the family. In the case of multiple children, the total amount of the parental allowance increases to CZK 450 000.

The monthly amount of the benefit is based on the daily assessment base established by the competent district social security administration. The parent can draw up to 70% of 30 times the daily assessment base. However, if the parent did not receive maternity assistance or it is not possible to determine the daily assessment base, the monthly maximum is CZK 10,000, or CZK 15,000 in the case of multiple children. The monthly amount of parental allowance can be changed once every 3 months.

Author: Roman Burnus, Jana Brhlová